The Seventh Master – 1

This is the first post of the story that I’m going to write and post on this blog… “The Seventh Master.” Like most of my stories, it is fantasy. Well, here goes…


In the darkness of the dawn of the world a prophecy was whispered into the hearts of men. It made some fear, but to most it gave hope.
It said that there would be Seven Masters that would protect and judge the people. Protect them from evil, and judge them for their own.
Over the past ten millennia six Masters have been born, and died.
A Dark One known as Rutar spreads his shadow across the land, and as he does, the Seventh is born.
His sign appears in the stars, and many began to search for him, but he cannot be found.
Rutar spreads his power ever wider across the land, and in a cold and lonely fortress, a boy named Val Earan grows, and learns. He is the Seventh Master… and this is his tale.


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