The Seventh Master – 6

Val opened his mouth to reply, but a heavy mailed hand fell on his shoulder.
Kasheyra jumped.
“Lord Earan,”
Val looked over his shoulder at Sir Jerun, who was generally part of his escort when he left the citadel.
:You shouldn’t have left, m’lord.:
Val sighed as he heard Jerun’s voice in his head.
The main reason that Jerun was usually out with him was because the knight was telepathic. Of course, Val was too.
He started to reply, but a bright light grew behind Jerun’s head, and he pushed the knight aside.
“What the-” the knight started, but stopped as the heat also grew.
“My lord!” His guardian shouted at him, as he stepped towards the strange light that was racing towards them.
Then it dawned on him that it was a danger.
Reflex took over.
He turned away and raised his arms over his head.


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