The Seventh Master – 10

:We need to go: His mind shouted at Jerun.
The knight nodded, but Kasheyra flinched as if she had been struck, and the knight stood and looked hard at her.
Val got up slowly, one hand on his head, the other on Jerun’s shoulder for support.
“You heard him.” Jerun said to Kasheyra, and he didn’t say it as a question.
She nodded.
Jerun looked at Val who was still unsteady and looked at the girl.
Around the carnival people were beginning to recover from the shock, and they were running about and shouting.
“Parents? Siblings?” He shot at the girl.
“I’m an orphan. I’ve been traveling with one of the troupes.”
“Come with us.” He turned towards what use to have been the Citadel. “Now.” He added when Kasheyra hesitated.


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