The Seventh Master- 9

The side of the mountain looked like it had been scorched, and what had once been the mighty Citadel that had hidden and guarded the young Seventh Master, was a molten pile of melted rock.
“Jerun, the keepers, and Sir Hadrian, and-”
Jerun cut him off with a gentle hand on his shoulder.
“They’re gone, sir.” The knight gritted his teeth. “I just wish I knew who or what has this kind of power.”
Val looked up at the knight and opened his mouth to speak, but a sudden sickness slammed into his stomach like a sledge hammer, and he fell to his knees gripping his gut.
“Val!” The knight dropped to his own knees beside the young Master.
Kasheyra stepped up behind them.
“What’s wrong with him?”
“I don’t know,” Jerun whispered, “This has never happened to him before.”
Val’s eyes snapped open, but they weren’t his eyes.
They glowed a brilliant gold.
Kasheyra stepped back with a small cry of surprise and alarm, but Jerun just gripped Val’s shoulder’s.
“Rutar rises,” Val’s mouth said. But the voice that came out of his mouth wasn’t his, as much as the eyes were not his.
His voice seemed to rumble as if to be a whole army speaking through the fifteen year old boy.
Val sagged, and a moment later he opened his eyes, and they were his normal ice blue.


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