The Seventh Master – 11

Jerun pulled Val into the crowd, and when Kasherya still seemed hesitant, he grabbed her, too.
Then, he pulled a trick from his days before he became a Knight of the Masters Citadel. He disappeared.

Val slammed his palm into the tree.
“You have to decide,” Jerun said softly.
“I know,” the Master returned. “I just… I wish that it hadn’t happened like this.”
“So do I, m’lord.”
Val glanced at Kasheyra.
:Are you tired?:
She swallowed, and nodded once, swift, and with a jerk.
He looked up at Jerun, who sat leaning on a fallen tree.
“Balthar? Are you sure? The High Seekers won’t exactly be overjoyed to see you.”
“They still don’t know I’ve been born, Jerun. They’ll be surprised, but they’ll take it in stride, just like they’ve done with the others.” Val said confidently. Then he indicated Kasherya with his head. “What I’m worried about is her.”
“Why? She can hear thoughts and project her own. Not much different from you are me in that area.”
Kasherya looked back and forth between the two.
“But how can I do that?”
Val raised an eyebrow, but he ignored her question.
“She’s more then a telepath, like you Jerun. She’s a Dreamdancer.”
Jerun pushed himself up off the log and stared at Kasherya.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, as sure as I am that I’m Val Earan, the Seventh.”
“Dreamdancer?” Kasheyra asked weakly.
Val pushed off his cloak and let it fall to the ground.
Underneath he wore sturdy leather pants, a black tunic, and a black leather jerkin that had a hood sewn in.
:We can talk on the way to Balthar.: His mind projected forcefully at his two companions.
Jerun nodded, and went over to Kasheyra.
“He’s scared you know. I’ve never seen him this scared.” He told her. “Please remember that when he pushes you to go harder and faster. And don’t forget who he is, either.”
“But who is he?”
Jerun looked at Val, who was already heading out of the little space the had been resting in.
“The Seventh Master. The most powerful Reaver and raw source of power this world has seen.”
Kasheyra’s eyes widened. No one had not heard legends about a Seventh Master, but most people took it as that: a legend, not the prophecy that some fanatics claimed it was.
“And he was born for one purpose, girl. To face Rutar, and those like him.”


7 thoughts on “The Seventh Master – 11

  1. That was a nice long one! 😀 *wants more*
    (I supose I’ll have to wait and find out what a Dreamdancer is too.) 🙂

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