The Seventh Master – 12


And Val did drive her. He drove Jerun too, much to the knight’s surprise.
The pace that he set was hard, and it taxed both of his companions greatly.
They were passing on a steep ridge the first time that Kasheyra slipped.
Her foot snagged and she twisted her ankle as she was jerked off the path.
She was close to tumbling head over heels down the hillside, but then, Val was there.
He grabbed her, and pulled her back onto the path, then carefully felt her ankle.
“It’s not broken.” He said flatly. “Jerun, if you would help her now, and then I will.”
The knight nodded, and helped Kasheyra rise as Val went back to the lead.
“How did he do that?” She asked.
“Do what?”
“Get to me so fast?” Kasheyra said.
Jerun shook his head. “I’ve been considered an outcast my whole life because I have the gift of telepathy. But Val, Val is different then anything I’ve ever heard of much less seen.” He answered. “I really don’t know, Kasheyra. I really don’t know how he does what he does. I doubt even he truly understands.”


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