The Seventh Master – 13

Val caught her three more times during the agonizingly long tread to Balthar.
He led them out of the forest and down from the highlands right to the gate of the city of the High Seekers.
:Good job,: Jerun projected.
Val nodded, and dropped to the ground and leaned against a large oak.
:I didn’t even know that you knew where Balthar was,: the knight added.
Val chuckled softly.
:I wasn’t sure either. I’d only seen it on the maps I’d studied at the Citadel.:
:We’ll have to wait until morning to enter the city,: Jerun pointed out.
Val nodded, the looked at Kasheyra.
:How are you doing?:
“Answer with your mind,” Val instructed softly but firmly.
The young woman swallowed, and closed her eyes.
“I can’t,” she said.
Val pushed himself back up and went over beside her.
“Look, I’m sorry for the way I treated you, but like Jerun said: I was scared. I know that that isn’t much of an excuse but it’s the only one I’ve got.” He said. “But I know beyond any doubt that you are a Dreamdancer, and you can use your mind to project any thought you wish.”
Kasheyra closed her eyes again, then shook her head.
“But what am I then? What is a ‘Dreamdancer’?”
Val looked at Jerun.
The knight rubbed his shoulder and thought for a moment.
“You’d be the better one to answer that question, master Earan, not me.” He said.
“Give it a shot, if you would.”
“Very well,” Jerun nodded, “I’ll do my best. But please help me if I stray off of the facts.”
Val nodded and then waved his hand for Jerun to start when he was ready.
Kasheyra leaned forward, and Jerun took off his sword belt, then he sat down and collected his thoughts.


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