The Seventh Master – 14

“Dreamdancers, for lack of a better term, are a subrace of men.” Jerun started. “They have strong powers of the mind, and for reasons we do not understand, they become very strong when a Master walks the earth.”
The knight rubbed his chin. “Everyone had thought they had died out. And now you’ve shown up.”
Kasheyra looked at the knight expectantly.
He noticed her look, and answered it. “The reason Val is worried, is because the High Seekers of Balthar have been in feud with every single Dreamdancer, and Dreamclan. Every one.” Jerun sighed. “I don’t know how they will react to you. And neither does Val.”
“We need to rest,” Val put in, “But before we sleep, a word of warning Kasheyra.”
She nodded.
“As time goes on, the more you are near me, you will feel a growing… presence in your mind. If you are in danger, reach for it. If you are afraid, reach for it. But please, don’t even try to speak with your mind in Balthar.”


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