The Seventh Master – 15


The next morning they mingled with the gathered farmers and travelers to enter into Balthar.
The giant gates slowly creaked open as the rising sun struck the towers of the mighty city.
Val, Jerun, and Kasherya walked in without the guards giving them so much as a second glance.
Jerun took the lead, and they made their way through the bustling streets towards the center of the city, where a tall, lone spire rose into the sky. The home of the High Seekers of Balthar.

“I’ll only ask one more time, Seeker,” Val said slowly, “I want to see Andromidus. Please.”
Jerun grimaced.
The young Seeker guarding the entrance to the Spire was being quite stubborn. And he was making Val quite angry, too.
The knight knew the boy was only fifteen, but even without the fact that he was a Master, he knew enough hand-to-hand to drop the priest.
No, he corrected himself, to kill the Seeker. If he wanted to.


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