The Seventh Master – 16

“I-” The Seeker paused. He cocked his head.
“I’m sorry for the delay. I have just been informed that High Seeker Andromidus wishes to see you.” He straightened and opened the door that was tucked in beside the gate. “Whoever you are,” he muttered, when he thought they couldn’t hear.
Another Seeker waited inside the gate, and led them deep, and high, into the Spire.
:Just, so you’ll know, Kasheyra, all of the Seekers are mindwhisperers.: Val’s voice said in her head.
She glanced at him but his face showed no expression.
She reached out with her mind carefully. :Mindwhisperers?:
Val glanced casually at her.
:Telepaths, Kasherya. But that is all they can do, unlike you.:
She gave a barely perceivable nod, and then looked at Jerun out of the corner of her mind.
The knight’s face was stiff and pale.
The Seeker opened a door and stepped to the side, and gestured for them to move through.
Val’s eyes narrowed, but after only a second of hesitation, he stepped through the door… and vanished.
Kasheyra half squeaked, and Jerun stiffened.


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