The Seventh Master – 18

Kasheyra and Jerun fell through the portal behind him.
Andromidus looked over Val’s shoulder at them.
“Ahh,” he said, “The assassin and the Dreamdancer.”
Both of them stiffened in shock.
Jerun turned a deathly shade. “How did you?”
Andromidus laughed.
“Young man, I’ve been the High Seeker since before the first Master walked the land. I believe that knowing what you use to be, and still are for that matter, is of little consequence.”
Jerun glanced at Kasheyra.
“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything to her.”
Color returned to his face, but he remained stiff, muscles tense.
Kasheyra’s eyes darted from Andromidus’ face and Val’s back.
“Don’t worry, Kasheyra,” Val said quietly.


5 thoughts on “The Seventh Master – 18

  1. Hey! I am liking you book so far! I would most likely understand it better in book format though. Really good and intriguing. I can’t wait until it is finished! God bless you Daniel.

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