The Seventh Master – 19

Val glanced at Jerun. “You were an assassin?” He shook his head.
Jerun jerked a nod. “Yes,”
Andromidus cleared his throat.
Val’s head snapped back.
“What of the Dark One?” Andomidus asked.
“Where is he,” Val asked.
Andromidus’ eyes widened in shock. “You wish to know where he is? You are foolish if you believe you can defeat him so young.”
“Andromidus, I have no choice but to try.”
The High Seeker leaned back.
“He destroyed the Citadel a few days ago,” Val added.
The ancient man sat back up.
“That does rather change things.” He said, “I-”
A Seeker dropped through the Portal. “High Master, forgive me, but we are under attack!”
Andromidus frowned. “Who would dare attack Balthar and the Spire?”
The young man paled and swallowed. “That Dark One,” his eyes flickered to Val.
Andromidus’ gaze followed, and also took in Kasheyra.
“He’s trailing them,” he muttered. “But how?”


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