The Seventh Master – 20

Val heard him, but he would never know what conclusion the wise Seeker came to.
The portal exploded with strange, short, fully armored beings, and Seekers.
They carried spears and shortswords, and the drove back the defending Seekers with frightening speed.
Andromidus rose calmly.
“I believe that this meeting has come to an end.” He looked hard at Val. “Rutar lairs in the north, that is all I know. The land that his minions call home,” he jerked his head at the squat warriors, “Is far beyond the High Pillars.”
Val nodded.
“Now,” Andromidus said, “You must leave.”
“Allow us to stay and help,” Val started, but Andromidus cut him off.
“No, Seventh. He is here and you are not yet ready.”
Val’s eyes widened, and Jerun stepped forward.
“How do we get out?” He demanded.
Andromidus closed his eyes and pointed his hand behind his couch.  “There is another Portal there. Take it, and may the Highest of the High, He Who is Holy, guard you!”
Jerun and Kasherya stepped around the couch, and behind the curtain that hid the portal.
Val hesitated. “Thank you,” he finally said.
Andromidus nodded. “One last word of advice; heed the Dreamdancer. Our feud with them is a petty one. She will be a trustworthy and helpful ally. Train her as best you can. And train yourself.”
He laid his hand on Val’s shoulder. “Go,”
Val sprinted around and stopped at the curtain. He looked back. Andromidus was already striding towards the fray.
Just as he reached the melee a new figure entered the room through the portal.
It was broad, dark, and tall. It laughed when it saw Andromidus.
“Still alive, old one?” It mocked in a deep rumbling voice.
“That is a question I was going to ask you, Rutar!” Andromidus said.
Val’s eyes narrowed, and he tried to look at Rutar, but as Andromidus spoke, a shadow spread from him, and Val could no longer see farther than his arm’s length.
He bit his lip, knowing what fate he left the Seekers to, and plunged into the portal.


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