The Seventh Master – 21


Val dropped to the ground, landing softer than a cat.
Jerun growned. “How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Come out of the portal just like you would a door,”
“It is a door,” Val said, puzzled.
Kasheyra sat up. “That hurt,”
“What hurt?” Val asked.
“Jerun landed on my head!” She grumbled.
“Hmm,” Val looked around.
The portal had taken them to a broad swath of soft grass, and just at the edge of his sight, Val could make out the walls and towers of Balthar.
And, to the north, only a few miles away, rose the highest range of mountains in the world.
“He sent us to the High Pillars,” Val said.
“Very nice,” Kasheyra said. “And where is that?”
“You’ve don’t know where the High Pillars are?”
“No, I’d only ever heard of Balthar before yesterday.”
“But how could you have been apart of the carnival troupe and not know?”
Kasheyra frowned. “My band never went farther north than the Citadel.”


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