The Seventh Master – 24

They trudged up through the foothills for the rest of the day, and all of the next.
On the third day after so abruptly leaving Balthar, they entered the High Pillars, the largest, and highest mountain range in the world.
Val stopped and looked down on the seemingly endless plains. Here and there his keen eyes picked up cities, and large villages.
“They have no idea what is going on,” he whispered.
“What did you say?” Kasheyra asked.
“Nothing,” he turned back into the mountains.

Val froze, and waved for Kasheyra and Jerun to stop as well.
“What is it?” Jerun asked.
“I’m not sure,” Val said. “It’s hard to tell, I think it’s-”
He cut himself off, and spun around, sweeping his hand in a broad slicing motion.
His eyes flashed gold.
“Raptors!” He shouted, as the rocks he had shaken began to tumble down behind them.
Kasheyra and Jerun turned, and saw three of the dangerous predators get buried in the hard avalanche of stone.


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