The Seventh Master – 25

Val somersaulted backwards, and Kasheyra watched wide-eyed as boulders flew up at the oncoming raptors.
:Run!: Val shouted with his mind.
Jerun grabbed Kasheyra, and they began to run.
:I’ll hold them off, and catch up with you,: Val said.
The knight and the Dreamdancer ran, and soon, they could just barely hear the sounds of the crashing boulders and the screeches of the raptors.
Jerun stopped, and bent over, hands on his knees, panting.
“I think,” he started, :that that is far enough,: he finished with his mind.
Kasheyra nodded.
A small click sounded behind them.
They whirled and saw a lone raptor stalking slowly up.
The raptor’s eyes glistened as the beast realized it had caught it’s prey.
It roared out victory, and sprang towards them, leaping high into the air.
Jerun’s sword flashed out, and Kasheyra turned away throwing up her arms.
Jerun gave a strangled exclamation, and Kasheyra opened her eyes.
Her left hand was outstretched towards the raptor, who floated in the air, helpless.
A small boulder flew through the air behind it, and the small dragon’s neck snapped.
Val stepped into the small ravine where they had stopped.
He looked up at the raptor that still hung in the air, and then at Kasheyra.
“You can let him down, now,” he said softly. His left hand he held open, and rocks twirled above it. “They fled.”


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