The Seventh Master – 26

Kasheyra stared at her outstretched hand.
“How did I?”
“Same way my reaving came to me; you were in danger.”
She pondered Val’s answer.
“Will I became as good at this in as little time as you have a reaving?”
Val shrugged. “I’m not sure, but you will become very good given enough time.” He grinned. “Then Jerun will be the only normal human,”
Kasheyra stiffened.
“I’m not human?”
Val flinched.
“Yes and no,” he said cautiously. “It’s rather complicated. But if you want to get right down to it, no, Dreamdancers are not human. Neither am I, for that matter, and neither was Andromidus.”
“Then what am I?!” Kasheyra asked, voice rising.
Val looked at the rocks spinning above his open palm.
“To me,” he asked, then jerked his head at Jerun. “Or to a human?”


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