The Seventh Master – 27

Kasheyra glanced between them.
Val inclined his head. “To me, right now, you are like a dull light who is just coming awake, and is rapidly growing.”
He dropped his hand and the rocks fell to the ground.
“To a human,” he shrugged, “you are something to be feared and avoided, because you can do things they can’t even truly fathom.”
Kasheyra looked at Jerun.
Val shook his head before she could say anything. “Not Jerun, or any of his people.”
Kasheyra looked back at him. “What do you mean? Jerun and his people?”
Jerun looked acutely uncomfortable.
Val looked up at the dead raptor.
“You really can let him down now.”
Kasheyra glanced up, startled, and dropped her hand.
The raptor fell, and lay in an awkward sprawl on the stone.
Val thought a moment.
“Jerun, would you like to answer?”
The knight shook his head.
Val nodded.
“Kasheyra, how do you think the feud between the Seekers and the Dreamdancers has lasted all these years if there weren’t any Dreamdancers?”
He raised his hand before Kasheyra could answer.
“I know you just found out about it, and you are new to this world, in a manner of speaking, but think about it. How?”


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