The Seventh Master – 28

Kasheyra frowned. “I don’t know,” she finally said.
Val looked at Jerun. “The feud was continued by the descendants of the Dreamdancers. They were not, and are not, for that matter, pure bloods, but they all carry some of the gift or gifts of their ancestors.”
Jerun shifted his stance, his eyes cast on the ground. Kasheyra had never seen him like this in the few days she had been with him.
“In Jerun’s case, the gift is mind whispering, or telepathy.” Val said. “For some it is moving objects with their minds, or creating illusions.”
“What can I do?” Kasheyra asked.
Val shrugged. “That remains to be seen,”
“What do you think I can do?”
Val blinked. “We need to keep moving.”
Kasheyra half growled in frustration as Jerun followed Val out of the ravine.


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