The Seventh Master – 30

:But would you destroy the privacy that is guarded so jealously?:
Val’s eyes narrowed. :If need be, Jerun.:
Jerun let the conversation die.
:I guess the legends are true,: he said suddenly.
Val sat up straighter. :What legends?:
Kasheyra’s head snapped around and she looked at both of them.
“She’s maturing,” Val said to Jerun aloud, as if the girl wasn’t there.
The young Dreamdancer glared at them.
“I’m practically an adult.” She said.
“I ask again,” Val said, ignoring her. “What legends?”
Jerun took a deep breath. “The ones that have been flourishing since long before your birth.
“And they are?”
Jerun started to reply, but Val’s hand came up.
“Dwarves,” he hissed.


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