The Seventh Master – 31

Jerun straightened, and his hand went for his sword.
“No, don’t.” Val hissed.
“Yes, don’t.” A deep voice bellowed from above them. “Listen to the boy, knight, and you might live.”
Kasheyra looked at Val, and reaching out, Jerun knew he was talking to her with his mind.
He forced himself to release his sword, and looked up.
Over a score of dwarves were gathered above them on the side of the mountain.
“Didn’t expect travelers this late in the season.” One of them smirked.
“Didn’t expect to be traveling.” Jerun said softly.
“What was that?” The leader asked, starting down the slope towards them.
“I said,” Jerun repeated, “That I didn’t expect to be traveling.”
The dwarves chuckled.
“Well, I suppose we’ll make this easy on you. Just come with us.” The leader said. “But give me that sword of your’s, knight.”
The dwarf stopped in front of Jerun, and held out his hand. Jerun gritted his teeth, but unbuckled his sword belt and handed it to the dwarf.
The dwarf grinned and tossed the belt over his shoulder.
“My name’s Geofren. And I’m pleased to have you as my guests today.” The dwarf chuckled. “Of course, I’m more pleased to have your purses as my guests.”


8 thoughts on “The Seventh Master – 31

  1. Hey Daneil, I’ll make you a deal. You post more Seventh Master and I’ll post more Stephen of Scarborough. 🙂 Sound good?

    • Sounds good… but how much Seventh Master would that take? ^.^ Your bits are quite long compared to my average one. 😀

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