The Seventh Master – 33

Beautifully spiraling towers rose on either side of the gates, but for all their grace, they were still deadly, and appeared as such. Val could see stocky dwarven guards peering through the parapet, crossbows ready, watching them approach in complete silence, except for their own footsteps.
“Quite sturdy.” He murmured to himself. It would take a lot to bring them down. He shook his head. He wasn’t going to try. He could bring them down, but he would be tired. And he was going to be trying to help these dwarves, whether they wanted it or not, so tearing down their first line of defense wasn’t really a helpful thing to do.
Geofren shouted gruffly at the guards in the dwarven tongue. The guards waved, and the gates of the tunnel slowly swung inward.
Val had his senses stretched out almost to their limit, and as the gates opened, his mind raced down the tunnel. His eyebrows shot up as he sensed the sheer size of the dwarven city, and the complex networks of tunnels and mines around it. Truly amazing. A feeling of unrest and nervousness crept into the fabric of the earth around him. His attention jerked back to his immediate area. He looked at Kasheyra. Her face was pale.
:Hey, relax. Nothings going to happen.:
:Are you sure?: Her eyes darted over at him, then back to the tunnel mouth.
He bit his lip. No, he wasn’t. Val sighed. Might as well just admit it. :No, I’m not sure. But I need you calm and relaxed.:
:Kasheyra, you’re a Dreamdancer. You affect the world around you almost as much as I do. But you are like a bright shining starburst to me; I can sense your mood, you worries.: He paused. :Its unsettling to be honest.:


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