The Seventh Master – 34

Kasheyra blinked. :Unsettling?:
:It’s hard to explain…:
One of the dwarves shoved Kasheyra. “Hurry it up.” He growled. She stumbled, tripping, and almost falling. A hand grabbed her wrist, and she jerked to a stop, almost touching the ground.
Kasheyra looked up, and Val was leaning back, his hand squeezing tightly around her own. The dwarf that had shoved her looked at him in surprise. “Where did you come from?” The short man grumbled.
Val glanced at the dwarf, but didn’t answer. He pulled Kasheyra back up on to her feet.
:Thank you,: she said quietly.
:You’re welcome,: he half smiled. He nodded towards the tunnel. “Come on.”
Val took a deep breath, then stepped under the arch. To him, it was like plunging into cold water. The world’s weave was so barren, so torn, so… cold and unwelcoming. He closed his eyes and put a hand to his temple as a wave of pain washed over him for a moment. The volcano was coming alive sooner than he had thought. He hoped they would get there in time.


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