Well… I’m editing my NaNo novel right now, as well as trying to finish writing and then edit Blademaster, as well as school, so I’m swamped right now. This is part of the reason there hasn’t been any posts on here in a while. Of anything.
The main reason for no new Seventh Master parts is because I hit the end of my written outline.. <.< I'm working on finishing the outline. I know where I’m going… just have to figure out how to get there…

Today I caught up on editing on Night of Shadows (my NaNo) to where I was before the laptop crashed! I’m very relieved to be that far along, and about 1/3 done editing the whole thing.

On other matters of writing, I’m pondering dozens of stories in my head. For obvious reasons, not many of them ever end up on paper, or on the computer, even in the roughest form of outline. I have so much I want to write.. so little time to do it, and wanting to do them all at the same time…

On yet another matter of writing, I have about 8 or so songs I’ve written now, and am trying to get the music done for, with my brother’s help. I actually have 10, but two of them are very silly songs, that I usually don’t count.. 😛

Well.. I think that is a pretty good update of my life right now.
I’m taking a CLEP on Monday morning, the Lord and weather permitting, so I would appreciate prayer for that. Thanks. 🙂

God bless!


9 thoughts on “Update

      • Since I’m a judge… I don’t think I can tell you.. yet. 😛 You’ll just have to wait untill the winners are anounced. (Only you and Nai have entered so far… hope there’s at least one more…)

  1. Hey Daniel,
    Hope you do well on your CLEP on monday. I am planning on testing for Western Civ II on Friday. Then I might do US History I and then II. Then American Government. Glad to see that you are making progress in your writing! I hope that you are able to continue to do so well! God bless you brother!

    For the Glory of God, and the advancement of His Kingdom,
    Nathan Hamilton

    • Thanks, Nathan! Hope you do well on Western Civ!! It’s fairly fun test.. 🙂
      God bless! Missing you, big brother.. 🙂

  2. aha! Okay… 🙂 That’s fine. I thought he was going to do that yesterday .. <.< oh well.. 😀 I shalt wait.. ^.^

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