The Seventh Master – 36

The dwarves moved quickly down the tunnel towards their city, eager to be home, and show off their capture. Val ignored the rumblings deep within the earth, and simply walked on.
The tunnel began to widen around, and rise above, them, opening up to the great underground land that held the city of the dwarves; Melethgorod. Subterranean rivers flowed out from the cavern walls and weaved across the plain. Stalagmites rose up from the ground, grouped together like stone forests, some forming massive pillars all the way to the roof of the underground plain, having merged with the stalactites above.
The dwarves gave a gruff shout as they spotted the rising towers of the city.
Odd, Val thought, that an underground city should have walls and towers…
The dwarves picked up the pace yet again, and Val almost laughed at the site of them practically running. It almost looked like they were rolling.
A low rumbled sounded, then faded, and only Val noticed it. His eyes narrowed. No… not now…


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