The Seventh Master – 37

Another rumble came, louder, and longer, shaking the earth. The dwarves stopped, and stared at each other, mouths open in slight surprise and shock.
With a loud snapping, grinding, and crashing sound, the earth itself seemed to heave and shift, trying to throw them all off.
“Earthquake!” The dwarves shouted, panicked.
“No,” Val whispered. “Not a quake.” He dropped to his knees so he wouldn’t fall over.
Jerun and grabbed Kasheyra, and they had managed to make it back to the tunnel entrance, and leaned against the wall to stay standing.
Kasheyra saw Val still out away from anything. “Why isn’t he coming?” She asked Jerun. He shook his head. “Val! Come here!” She shouted.
But he didn’t hear her.
The city of Melethgorod began breaking, stone pillars snapping under the strain and shifting. Val rose to his feet, somehow managing to keep his balance.
Kasheyra watched him, hoping he was going to turn and dash back to the comparative safety of the tunnel. But he didn’t. His eyes closed, and then, suddenly, everything stopped. The quaking, the dwarves tossed up into the air, everything. Even the water of the underground river.
Kasheyra looked back at Val after she had taken in the scene before her that had so suddenly gone from calm, to chaotic, and now… chaotic calm. His eyes were open. They glowed golden.


10 thoughts on “The Seventh Master – 37

    • Yeah, his eyes gloweth.. ^.^ remember one of the first parts? 😛

      I tell you later.. when I get around to writing the next bit. 😛

  1. Here’s an idea… why don’t you write a short part whenever you have spare time throughout the week, then by the end of the week you’ll have a nice long part to post. 😛

  2. Hmm…one typo. 🙂 I think it’s good. One catch — how did she command her eyes to look at him if he had stopped everything? Was she above the power he used? Did he stop only certain things?

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