The Seventh Master – 38

Kasheyra stared at him. This had happened, or something like it, back when they had first met. Then, Val had created the wall that protected everyone from the strange wave of fire.
Val’s hand closed into a fist, and he turned, standing, moving his arms in an intricate pattern. Slowly at first, the ground around him, and then the whole cavern, smoothed. Melethgorod started rebuilding itself. Or… Val was rebuilding it. Kasheyra could just stare, wide eyed as it happened.

Okay, so… I’m going to post this snippet, so everyone knows what is happening. 😛
I’m very busy at the moment with school and things, and I haven’t had much time for writing. I’ll try to pick back up on blogging (actual blogging) and TSM soon, though! 🙂 Promise!

God bless!


4 thoughts on “The Seventh Master – 38

  1. I have absolutely no problem with you taking a break seeing as how I need to catch up on everything you’ve already written…. Oh, and I have school of my own. 😀

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