Hello… life has been busy. :P

Post name says it all. Life. Has. Been. Busy!

I now have 30 college credits. W00T!!! 😀

Blademaster is approaching the end.. finally. It’s been a long trip with this story. And its a trilogy, and this is just the first. *laughs* I should finish with it soon. I just need a few hours straight writing time, and I think I can get it done.

Night of Shadows will go into full edit as soon as Blademaster is done being written. I’m also in the process of developing a sequel which is titled Dawn of Darkness. It takes place about 5 years after Night of Shadows. Should be interesting.

I have a few new stories which are now in low-priority development. I have a few stories which are ready to start the writing process, namely Dimitri’s story (a blind assassin, for those of you who do not know who he is), which is nicknamed ASWACC.

I’ve written around half of chapter one of DragonKnight. DragonKnight is the first in a duology. I really like some parts of the story. Like my goblins:
The goblins in the world of DragonKnight are anything BUT your story typical goblins. They are not ugly, vile, dumb creatures. They are stunningly beautiful, strong, fast, and are capable of being very loving and just. However, they have a tendency to listen to what they call the ‘dark heart within.’

I’ve written a few more songs since last post. I’ve got 8 finished, and 2 in ‘work-out-in-brain-before-writing’ stage.

Hope everyone is doing well!

God bless,
“Surround my heart with a fortress wall; see if anyone cares enough about me to tear it down, or go around.” ~ Unknown


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