Quick blurb

Okay, so, just real quick, a few things worth mentioning.

1. I finished Blademaster on Sunday!!! Well, technically it was Monday when I finished, but… The important thing is that I have finally finished writing it. It is about 50,500 words.

2. On Saturday I got my letter from the College Board in regards to my English Comp. CLEP test. I PASSED!!!! I am very pleased to have that out of the way.

3. As always, I have a few new story ideas. Keep in mind that I filter through them, so not all of these ideas ever end up on paper or in a text file on the computer; only the best ones. Sometimes, I’ll get a new idea that I can merge into an existing one. I like it when that happens, as it enriches the world I have already been developing.

And, I believe that covers it. Any questions, comments? Please leave them below! 🙂



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