One Day To Live

Some of you might have heard of the book “Thirty Days to Live.” Our church did it, and while I was not able to participate because I was already in another class, I did think about it. During the study my dad also preached at our church, and one thing he said was “what would you do if you had one day to live?” I was puzzled, because I wasn’t really sure what I would do.

The other day I was listening to a song by Addison Road, and one of the lines was “are you living every day like its the last you got?” and, that too, spoke to me.

Today I also had a run-in with my mom. It was short, but a bit ugly. After that, I spent around two hours just thinking, alone, away from everything, and I came to a place that is better than where I was, I think; I wouldn’t have that bad attitude with my family, with others, if I was living like this was my last day to live, because I wouldn’t want to be remembered for that.

Along those same lines, in every conversation I have with someone I don’t know, I’ve decided to do my best to find out if they are a Christian or not, because, if this were my last day, I would want to know that I would be meeting them again, up there. And what if it was their last day to, and I was the last person they talked to? Guilt would be overwhelming to know that I had not shared my Saviour with them before it was too late.

I urge you all to live as if today was the last day you were to live, the last day of your life; don’t go partying and doing stuff like that, live for what is really important.



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