Not to share – but to be PREPARED to share

Today’s believer is not equipped to share. And most of them don’t seem to care to be, either.

But there are those of us who do want to be equipped, but we aren’t. When we are in that situation, to share the gospel, or just a conviction with someone else, we don’t know what to say, or how to explain it.

I would like to attempt to address this problem.

Today’s Christian; goes to church, listens to Christian music maybe, and opens their Bible at church and Sunday school.

Recently I realized that myself and my circle of friends were an exception, even among Christians. I knew this intellectually, but it had never really hit me. We all know all the stories. And I mean all of them. You really can’t bring up a story in the Bible that we don’t know at least a little about, even if we are slightly unfamiliar with it.

The vast majority of Christians today don’t know the stories! They don’t know which day of the 6 Days of Creation is the day that man was created. Or land animals. Or fish. They don’t know that the LORD stopped the sun in the sky and the moon, so that Joshua could pursue the enemies of Israel. They don’t know that the LORD loosened (and that’s a post for another day) the tongue of Balaam’s donkey (and a very interesting topic, I might add. 😉 ).

To me, it is second nature. But to so many, maybe even yourself, it’s not. I mentioned just a few, and well known stories at that from the beginning of the Old Testament.

We are in an era and place similar to the one that the Apostle Paul found himself in; the world he was trying to reach didn’t know the Bible, or anything in it (the Old Testament, being what I mean, of course, as the New Testament had yet to be written). The Jews knew what the apostles were talking about when they referred to a scripture, but the Gentiles didn’t.

The past generations in America knew the Bible. At the time of our founding, it was known very well; here, in Britain, in France, and around the ‘civilized’ and ‘Christian’ world.

But now, it is unknown. When you approach someone to share Christ, you can no longer assume that they know what you are going to speak about. They have no knowledge of it whatever, and if they do, chances are that it is a warped idea, and therefore something you have to work against.

When sharing, when you say “and like it says in…” you expect the person to know what you are talking about. But they don’t. And you can’t explain it to them. Because you don’t know it that well yourself.

And that is the problem.

It says in Timothy “…that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished…”
Might I point out the word THOROUGHLY to you? Well, whether I might or not, I just did. 😛

If you read your Bible on a daily basis, good job, you are on your way to the place you need to be. If you don’t, and you call yourself a Christian, then shame on you. I don’t want to harp on you, or anything, but not reading your Bible on a daily basis is something that should not be tolerated by your own spirit.

You feed your body with physical sustenance. Your spirit also needs nourishment, and where will it find it but the Bible, the Word of God Almighty? “Well, I listen to good Christian music, with powerful words! It sustains me!” Wonderful. I do too. Where do those powerful words come from? The Bible! You’re starving yourself spiritually, my friend, if this is where you are.

But, to continue on, just reading your Bible isn’t enough. You can read and not be listening. You must listen for God to speak to you through what you are reading. You need to dig in and study the Word. You need to equip yourself. You have to know the Bible well enough that you can use the truths found in it to have a debate with an atheist without ever quoting the Bible, because the Bible is not a valid source to them. But apologetics, that’s something else, and something you need to be well founded in, and Biblically based apologetics.

I am not sure how to say what I am trying to, and I can just pray that what I am truly trying to convey will make it through, despite myself.

The lack of knowledge in the Church of God is something that is making it fall apart from the inside out. When a Christian doesn’t know his Bible well enough so that he cannot defend it, because the atheist who challenged him knows the Holy Word better than he himself does, something is wrong. But sadly, that is the case many times.


I challenge you, not to share, but to be PREPARED to share. To anyone, at anytime. Even if you don’t have a Bible with you, to know it well enough in your heart that you can share.

I challenge you. I challenge myself. “… that he can give an account to any man who asks of him…”



2 thoughts on “Not to share – but to be PREPARED to share

  1. Amen Brother! This is a really good post. It is true that many people today do not know any of the Bible’s contents, and we have a great opportunity to share with them. I don’t know if you have noticed this, but the more I learn about Christ and the Bible, the more I realize I don’t know. May we be strive people of the Word and as 2 Tim 2:15 says, study that we might “Rightly divide the Word of Truth”. Thanks for the challenge Daniel!

    • Yes. The more we study, the more our own ignorance is revealed; the closer to God one grows, the easier it is to see one’s unholiness.

      It is interesting that you should mention that verse, Nathan, as I just read it this evening after church, and was thinking about adding it to the post! 🙂

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