Tornadoes, tourniquets, and therapy.

Random, right? Well….. it’s not completely and totally….

Okay.. it’s random.

But really. It caught my attention and stuck. So that’s why it is called that..

Tornadoes – they shake life up.
God has this lovely ‘habit’ of shaking the worlds of His children; get them out of their comfort zone and where they are supposed to be!!! We all feel it, and I have been feeling it recently.

Tourniquets – they stop the pain.
God will send along a friend, or friends, family, someone, or something, that soothes what He just put you through, and helps you get perspective. I love them so much. 🙂

Therapy – it helps you get going again.
The Word of God. No better therapy. I believe that covers it.

Yep. Thats me. Recently. 🙂

God bless


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