Quick update :)

Okay.. soo. On Saturday was my cap and gown graduation with my classmates. 🙂 (yeah.. I’m homeschooled, yet I call them classmates!! 😛 ) andd… just to say, they are awesome! (yes, I’m talking to you my classmates!) I wonder how many times I could use the word “classmates” in this post…. what do you think, classmates? 😛

But seriously. They are awesome. LOL. The graduation was a lot of fun, and I immensely enjoyed it, as well as the time spent with my fellow graduates, whom I all consider to be very good and close friends of mine.

I’ve been writing more songs, and I do believe I’ve topped 40, though I haven’t counted in a little while. I probably should. 🙂 I really enjoy writing songs, so I know God has to have some plan for me in that area.

I’ve been working on some story development for a few stories, some of which I believe will be quite interesting, and both challenging to write, and read.  A challenge to both writer and reader is a challenge worth while, don’t you agree?

Well, God bless!!



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