It’s Fine… Really… It Is

Its fine the way it is. Really. You don’t need to change it. You don’t need to trash it. Just. Leave it.

I was talking to a writer buddy of mine, and we got talking about some of our first novels. How we thought they were horrible. How we wanted to trash them. Yet. We loved them how they were.
I said that I loved that first novel for how it was… not for how it could have been. So. I leave it alone. I don’t edit. I don’t rewrite.

Sometimes, it’s not worth editing. In fact. It’s worth leaving it as it is. Believe me people. If you are a Christian, then you shouldn’t really believe in luck. If you hesitate on the edit, maybe there is a reason that book came out like that. Actually. I can guarantee it.

There is something about the things you work on, whether it be writing or not. Even if its not your first one, novel, or whatever, sometimes you just can bring yourself to change it, even though you see all the little flaws.. or big flaws.. you see those flaws, but you don’t want to change it. Its okay. You know, there are things about some people that I love that a lot of folks consider to be imperfections, flaws; like… being stubborn.

Take those things and learn from them. But you don’t need to change it. I’ve left my first novel, Blademaster, as it is. I know it needs to be edited. But I have trouble doing much with it. I really do love it how it is. I am a much better writer now than I was then. But for some reason looking at that novel… all that crappy writing… is … well it hurts, to be honest, but its nice to.

This goes far beyond writing. It goes into almost every area of life. And life itself.

Strive for perfection. But don’t be devastated when you don’t achieve perfect. Because you can’t, friend. You cannot be perfect. Not in this life.

God loves you and is changing you how HE sees fit, after His image. So don’t push it. Don’t try and make yourself something you shouldn’t be. You are beautiful the way you are, with no need for an edit.

I’ve heard so many people say that before they can ask God for anything, or before they can be saved that they need to help themselves. Make their lives better.

You. Can’t.

That novel sitting over there on my shelf isn’t going to get any better until I, the writer, the maker if you will, works on it.

You can’t change until THE Maker works on you.

And that novel is good how it is. So I’m leaving it like that. Sometimes tweaking it here and there to make it just a little better. To make it into the perfect piece.

And God says you’re beautiful. And He will change you when He sees fit. How He sees fit.


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