Worth The Write

What makes something worth writing? The amazing plot you’ve come up with? Your super-de-duper characters? YOUR epicness?

Yeah….. um. No. Sorry. But. I would have to say. None of the above.

So what DOES make something worth the write? I don’t mean to slam your plot or characters, and CERTAINLY not you. But none of those things make a story worth the paper or the time it takes to get it down for keeps and into the physical real world. Plots are important. Characters are important. And I’ve been caught up in those just as much as anyone else. I’ve got to write this novel BECAUSE this character ROCKS! … yeah. No. Not a good idea. And I know that now.

So I ask yet again: what makes something worth writing? What is a good reason TO write something?

Now. Don’t just throw away those plots and characters. Cause you need them. But this is what makes something worth writing.


1. Theme

Your theme is very important. One of my favorite novels (and I mean FAVORITE) is written by a dear friend of mine. And the reason I love it so much is because of the theme. Hope.

Hope is a very powerful theme, and a book ABOUT hope — It can GIVE us hope. That story will, I believe, remain one of my top favorites for all time.


2. Who are you writing for?

Who are you writing this story for? Why did you pick the theme you did? If you are writing for an age group… or a large mass… well. Wrong choice. You need to write for one person. Just one. The more personal your story the more powerful it becomes. You might be nervous or reluctant to do that, because you foresee that part of your heart might end up on the page, and you are afraid someone will reject your book: reject you. Don’t be afraid of that. Please. Part of your heart WILL be on the page, whether you make that novel personal or not. Because making it impersonal, well, that’s just another way of pouring out your heart through prose, whether you realize it at the time or not.

It almost doesn’t even matter who you write for. A friend. A sibling. A parent. Grandparent. Niece or nephew, child or grandchild. But write for someone you CARE about. You may not even know them that well, if it is a friend, but if you write that story for them, TO them, be sure you CARE about them. But write for only that one person for that story. You can write to someone else next time. But don’t bounce around. Make it personal. For one person. You don’t have to tell anyone who you wrote for you know. You can pour out your heart to that friend, and they might never know just how sincere you are being with them, because they don’t know you wrote it for them.

But if you write like that. Oh. How much more powerful it will be.


3. Who are you REALLY writing for?

Now. As I said. You should direct your story to one person. Dedicate the tale to them, and tell it to them. But who should you REALLY be writing the story for? Well. The answer is obvious. Or is if you are a Christian. You write for God. And for no other.

It is God’s words, the words He has placed in your heart that you pour out onto the page for that friend and loved one.

And when you listen to God’s prodding, to His editing. Well. His love will show through your novel. His mercy will grace each and every page. And that will reach far beyond one friend who reads your story.


4. In the end…

In the end, do you think its worth doing it all? Is it worth writing? I do. I believe it is as sure as I am breathing. As sure as Jesus Christ died for me on the cross and rose again to save the world from sin, and saved me. Its worth it. Because in the end. It’s all for Him anyway. And if its for Jesus, it is SO worth it. Whether its a little poem, or a song, a novel, or a tiny drawing by a child. If its for Him, its worth it. Its worth doing. And its worth taking note of.

I have seen the drawings of young children that touched me so much, and almost made me cry. While all their playmates drew things like planes and dinosaurs… they had drawn the cross. It was a powerful moment when I saw that.

I was so glad they had done that.


So. Worth the write?

If you write from your heart, what God has burdened you with. If you pour your soul into that, it doesn’t matter what the world may think. It was worth the write. Because I assure you. Whether you know it or not. If God gave it to you, He did so for good reason. And it could change someone’s life forever. And that changed heart could change the world.

If a story I tell makes just one person happy. Makes just one person rejoice in God their Savior. Gives one person hope. Brings one lost soul closer to the cross. It is worth it all. The hours laboring over an outline, and writing, and editing, and thinking I’m a loser, and hating my writing style… It is worth all that, and more, if it touches the life of just one person, even in the littlest and tiniest way.


Anything you write. A song. A poem. A short story. A novel.

It could change someone.

That someone could be yourself.

So worth the write.


4 thoughts on “Worth The Write

  1. Wow, awesome post! I needed to hear this–I’ve been struggling with finding an actual reason to write my current novel. It has a decent theme, and it’s a cool story with cool characters, but it’s lacking real depth–and even though I always do my best to write for God and for his purpose, and not my own, I’ve still been unable to really connect with it. There’s something still missing.

    And I think it has something to do with your second point–writing for just one specific person. I think that’s exactly what my novel needs right now. I need to narrow down what I want that one person to get if he or she read my novel. Very good point–I shall definitely be thinking about this.

    Thanks for posting!

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