Blademaster: Broken Blade

Blademaster: Broken Blade (aka, Blademaster 2) is the sequel to my first novel, Blademaster (available in the One Year Adventure Novel showcase). I began work on it in December, after making the decision to try and cut back on multi-story writing. Since then I have determined to try and focus on just one story at a time, and keep that focus until done with that story.

Blademaster 2 picks up almost right where the first one left off. Almost. A little while has passed. But nothing has happened. So you haven’t missed anything.

But just so you know what I am up to. I decided to tell you all that. Also, next post, I am planning on giving you a detailed update of what is going on for me. Lots of things are changing for me, personally. God’s really been at work. And its bleeding over into every aspect of my life. Go figure. God is so amazing. Awesome.

And I shall leave you with this for now — an excerpt from the second chapter of Blademaster 2: Broken Blade

I stood. “We have to find Markus. He hasn’t been here more than a few hours yet.”

Glint didn’t move. He picked up more sand. “It’s too late, Lord Traedane.”

“What do you mean?”

The dwarf pointed. There, where the sand turned to grass, and the grass gave way to forest, just within the canopy of branches, lay the members of Markus’ party.

I sprinted towards them. My boots sank into the damp shore, and each step was hard, and flung grains of sand into the air. My foot caught on a stone and I fell. I scrambled to my feet and ran across the grass to the trees. But once I was there, I stopped. All I could do was stare. No one could help them.

Arrows stuck out from many of the bodies, and most had crimson gashes across their throats. Eighteen men. Dead.

My heart beat fast. Reaching down I turned over the nearest body. It wasn’t Markus. I stepped to the next body. Turned it. To the next. Faster. I cut my hand on the soldier’s broken chain mail as I rolled him over. I ignored the pain. And the fresh blood. There was too much blood anyway. More blood didn’t make it any worse.

I fell to my knees beside the last body and slowly rolled him over.

His young face was bruised. His throat cut. His breastplate punctured by the broken arrows there were still lodged in his chest. It wasn’t Markus.

A branch broke. I turned and saw Glint standing beside one of the bodies.

“They’re all dead.” I whispered hoarsely. “I sent them to their deaths.”


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