It’s a new day. It’s a new week.

And what, pray tell, are you going to do with it? eh? Yes. I am talking to you. Don’t ignore me. I frown upon you ignoring me. It isn’t polite. Yes, I know I ignored you earlier but that different.. er.. sorta. Fine. I’ll stop ignoring you. But you stop ignoring me, ok?? Good. Now. Are you paying attention? HELLO! Yes. Yes…. Yes you.

Alright. Finally.

Sure you are paying attention? Good!

Now what do you plan to do with this week? Going to laze around? Hmm? Enjoy… nothing? There are many options you are faced with each week. What you do with each brand new day is up to you.

in Lamentations it says of God that His “… mercies are new every morning.” But that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that. 😉

We wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case, but you don’t have to rely on those mercies simply because you don’t WANT to do anything. Are you hot or cold? On fire for the Lord, or more concerned about your own comfort? Or are you lukewarm?

We’ve been studying Revelation on Sunday night, and you know what, I hope you aren’t lukewarm. Right there in the middle. Caught up with everything. Deep water faith in the shallow end. One eye on God, one eye on the world. Boy, that’s gotta hurt. Opposite of being cross eyed. We aren’t supposed to be able to do that. Only chameleons.


Sometimes we can get so comfortable with where we are. It used to be out of our comfort zone, but now, now we are fine with it. Now we don’t mind. I challenged you to love on Valentine’s Day. How is that going for ya? I know its actually been kinda hard for me, and it’s only been a week! But I am sure not giving up! I never thought that just LOVING people could be so hard and so.. well.. so not in my comfort zone. I am considering starting to actually tell people that I love them. In farewell. Like chatting. Of course, I might have to add “incw” so I don’t freak out some of the girls. But hey. It would help I think. Mind over matter. Because even if I don’t FEEL like loving someone. I need to love them anyway. Because God does. Christ died for them, same as me, and they deserve to be loved. It doesn’t matter who the person is. Was. Will be.

So are you in a comfy zone? safe inside that little bubble? Time to pop the bubble folks. Actually. Don’t pop it. It will just come back later. Leave the bubble behind. Frankly, I am slightly uncomfortable saying all this. And I am taking that as a good sign. Because I know it’s right, even if I don’t really feel like saying it. And why do I feel uncomfortable? Because this applies to ME. I am in a comfort zone most of the time.

Here’s the thing: there doesn’t have to be something huge that happens to get you out of your comfort zone. You can step out, in faith, everyday, willing to heed God’s call, and that’s stepping out. And you know what, we WILL get comfortable in GOD’S zone. And that is where we should all want to be. Safe in Him. Nothing can ever go wrong there. Not really. It’s all in His plan. And as long as we aren’t trying to run the show, even if we feel uncomfortable, we’ll be fine.

Don’t be lukewarm. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the middle. I got inspired at the 2011 OYAN Workshop. Set on fire. But then when I got home I realized something. I wanted to be there. But I wasn’t doing anything to get there. To DO anything. I wasn’t WRITING about what I had felt so much passion for.

God gives us the tools. But we have to do something with them. I am trying to rethink how I write. Change. To be what I know God has been calling me to for years. To answer His call, whenever, wherever, and however.

It’s not easy. But who said it would be? Jesus didn’t. At least, I don’t recall Him saying “Come, take up your cross and follow me; it’ll be easy.” If He did, could you give me the verse, please?

We may never really been in a comfort zone again. Not how we like to think of it. But that doesn’t mean it will be horrible and torturous. Quite to the contrary, I have found that when I step out in faith, I am at such peace as I never am when I am hiding in my comfort zone.

So. What are you going to do with this new day? What are YOU going to do with this new week?

I expect my own life to be full of challenges. Even just today. Tomorrow. This week. After all. I am saying ‘no’ to the enemy. Saying ‘yes’ to my God. Things are gonna get hard. What are you going to do?


4 thoughts on “It’s a new day. It’s a new week.

  1. Amen.

    It’s a new week, a new chance to change the way I’m living and live for God, not half way, but in everything. Thank you for the post Daniel, I need to be reminded to keep out of my comfort zone and stay in God’s. And you’re right, the peace you have when you walk in God’s will is just incredible. Why do we ever step out of His will and loose it? Really? Why would we want to do that?

    “One eye on God, one eye on the world. Boy, that’s gotta hurt. Opposite of being cross eyed. We aren’t supposed to be able to do that. Only chameleons.”

    That would hurt… 😉

    • We question why we ever would, but man, when we’re out there living, it’s so easy to do. Just one step, and there we are. Out of His will. I think the key is knowing. And being able to humble ourselves enough to step back into His will once more. It’s not that we want to. But what we have to want is to stay in His will, and to return to it should we stray.

      And yes. XD It would hurt. A lot. haha. 🙂

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