I haven’t forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about my blog or about the story soup series!!
I am just not at home. 😉
Updates real quick though.
Korr hasn’t been able to get the elves to talk to me.. so Blademaster 2 is on hold.
My back up story is therefore shifting to primary. Nightfall. Laura’s story. I would guess not many of you know about it, cause I don’t really talk about it much.. cause it’s been a long time coming. But. Here it comes! 🙂
I will post more about all of the afore mentioned and beyond later! God bless!


One thought on “I haven’t forgotten

  1. Wow! My sister was right! Her guess was that you were not home.
    I guessed you fell of the face of the earth.
    Oh well, I’ll surrender in defeat. 😀

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