BOILING BERRIES, or When Your Soup Feels More Like You Are Stirring Jelly… Oh. And Crock Pots.

Sometimes you get this idea. And it has a very serious theme and set of ideals. In fact, it might just be a little overwhelming.

But ah! Ideas! How we love them. And so. We run to the kitchen, we chop up our ingredients, and throw in the spices. Add an extra dash of salt. A little water, perhaps, for good measure, and get down to cooking the soup. Indeed. What a wonderful thing beginning a new soup can be. Such a thrill as you see spices in the cabinet and things in the refrigerator that you never considered for a soup before! Hesitantly at first, perhaps, but then, with anticipation of the finished product, you add things in. You can just tell it is going to work. But then. You have a problem.

You never thought this might happen. But, alas, it has. And you were unprepared. And if it is you’re first time for it to happen. Well. Then perhaps as well, you did not know it could EVER happen either. But it has.

What has occurred? Well. You can’t stir your soup. At least. It doesn’t stir like soup. It’s not coming boil. And you are straining to stir it at all.

Have you ever made jelly? It is an interesting process. Different for each fruit. But one thing that every kind of jelly I have assisted with had in common was that they were all ridiculously hard to stir. Thick. Sticky. And doesn’t want to go around that pan.

But this is a soup! Not a jelly! Why is it doing this?

My dear comrade, consider — This is an idea that you perhaps almost rejected because of the theme and ideals. Things like how human life is sacred. Truth and relativity. There are many controversial topics out there, and sometimes you get an idea that is based off one of them. And no matter which way you might be coming at it, for it, or through it, you fear criticism, and rejection, and therefore, chances are is that you almost reject the idea to begin with.

Knowing that, how can you expect this to be an easily processed, developed, and executed story?

I said you needed to be careful in your selection of pots. And indeed you do. Sometimes you need to through it in the pressure cooker a while. But sometimes… Sometimes this soupy stewish jelly like substance needs to simmer a bit. It needs to be cooked down. And you need to think about it.

Might I recommend a crock pot?

Yes, they always have the commercials on television about the easy fix meals for the crock pot, and that can be true. But have you ever had a roast or any other fixed meat properly prepared from a crock pot?

You put it in there. And oh. Juicy and tender, and BURSTING with magnificent flavor.

My dear friend. Those serious stories need time. They need more than the little while of sitting on the stove. They need to really cook.

When the soup begins to feel like jelly. Throw it into a crock pot.

Sit back. Let it cook. And just smell the aroma. It’ll come. Never worry.


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