On this day…

Well. I believe most of us don’t just know what happened on this day; we remember it. Vividly.

I had gotten up, eaten breakfast, and was starting on school like any other day. … That didn’t last.

I thought about trying to write a poem, or make a video, or some such thing.

But really. It just wouldn’t come for me this morning.


I’m praying. For our nation and leaders. And for all the voters. I’m praying that God will salvage what could be dangerously close to shifting from The United States of America to The Shipwrecked States of America.

I’m praying for those who lost loved ones.

And I’m praying for the military. Past and present. And future. If you know someone who served… you should thank them today. I’ve had quite a few family members serve. Even a family member who was  a part of D-Day. And I’m proud of that fact. And while some may forget, we are free because of them. Remain free because of them. So keep them in your prayers. And thank them.

Well. I suppose that is all I have to say from my many rambling thoughts this morning.

God bless.

May God bless America.

Love you all,


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