Draw the line

Draw? Draw you say? Alas, but I do not refer to artistry.

By “draw the line” I refer to the act of taking a stand, sometimes made very literal by drawing or marking a line in the sand, and people choosing sides.

Where do you draw the line?

That’s very vague to ask, you might think, but it’s not. Because I do not mean on something specific. I mean on your life. Where do you draw the line? Do you toe it, and see if you can blur that mark in the sand?

Choices apply to every part of life. And every choice involves a line. A line you must cross. And lines you refuse to cross over.

What I would like you to consider is where those lines are.

It is something I have been considering recently for my own life. From simple things like, is it okay to go ahead and buy that new book now, or do I need to wait — to things like choosing a job (which I recently did do, btw), and making decisions that will change my life forever.

But the truth of it is, all choices we make change our lives forever, whether what we are choosing seems small or big. It doesn’t matter. There is a line there. And if we compromise, if we cross that line, we will be changed.

It’s never too late to change, yet, I know for myself, I don’t want to have to change. I want to be heading down the right road, growing as I should be, and not have to have my steps retraced, or guided back onto the straight and narrow (so to speak).

Surrendering to God is a choice.

Answering His call is a choice.

Being there for a friend is a choice.

Being responsible is a choice.

Being HAPPY is a choice.

Being content with where you are is a choice.

None of it just happens.

These are choices.

These are lines in the sand that we can either cross over, or stand proudly beside.

It hit me hard recently that I didn’t have to be in a tight spot to change, be at the end of my rope. It’s a decision I can make. I don’t even have to wait on God. Jesus said that if we have enough faith we can move the very mountains. So if I find myself where I do not want to be, or heading towards a place where I am someone I don’t want to become, I can stand. I can draw the line. And not cross it.

We are not bound by fate or destiny to have misfortunes heaped upon us, the misfortunes of being sad, depressed, of hating yourself, and feeling like there is no hope anymore.

It’s all a choice. And if you are in that place, you have crossed a line, and that line was surrendering to something you never should have.

One of the most common, one of the worst, is fear.

Fear that you won’t be able to do something.

Fear that you will just… fail.

Fear that you will never find someone special (whether that be a special companion, to marry, or just a friend).

Fear that God, that no one cares.

Fear that if you surrender, surrender your will, your dreams, your life, that you will never receive anything you have wished for, desired so desperately to have.

Fear… of being afraid. (Hard to realize that one is happening when it is…)

I have drawn several lines in the sand about my life, around my heart, of recent days.

A line against worries.

A line against fear.

A line against doubt.

A line that has me standing on the side of faith, trust, hope.

It’s easy to tell yourself you won’t… but I know I slip into it. I don’t want to, but I do.

But taking a stand. Even telling someone that you have done so. Well. It can make all the difference. You can no longer just fall into it. At that point, it must be a choice, a purposeful decision to worry. A choice to go and do something you know is wrong, or not best.

The hardest line for me, the line I sometimes toe, and scuff my shoes in front of, is worry.

I find it so easy to worry. About, literally, everything. Anything. I worry.

And I shouldn’t. Worry is a kind of fear. And I know, as a Christian I am not to fear.

That’s hard.

It really is.

And I know that. I experience it daily.

I don’t have the answers.

I fight. I struggle.

But I draw lines in the sand.


Life is a struggle. Don’t stop fighting.



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