“Love Kills Slowly”

Love kills slowly?


The previous owner of my car bought foot mats. Rather interesting ones at that, too. Among the several things on the mats is a furled banner that displays the words “Love Kills Slowly.”

I have stared at those, not really sure what to think, since I got my car. I needed the mats, and since I don’t spend money on things I can get away with not spending money on, I kept them, instead of getting just plain ones.

Something has happened though, since I began pondering the mystery of my mats, that has changed how I view such a statement.

I fell in love.

It is truly amazing to me how another person can change, or rather, mature, your view of things. I had a good understanding of some things, yet, people really do affect your thoughts, and who you hang out with can indeed make you more mature and wise in the way you think, or less so. Well, that isn’t my subject, so back to the topic at hand.

Love kills slowly…

Indeed, I can see how some people might see it that way. The pain. The struggle. Broken heart after broken heart. How, to protect themselves, they might even decide never to love again. Become a shell. Because after all they don’t want to die, they want to live. And love makes them feel like they are dying.

But, after pondering it, I have come to believe that the opposite, is in fact, the truth.

Love makes you alive.

Love makes you feel, perhaps for the first time, to truly feel, and know feeling at all.

We never felt this strange pain, or aches, because we weren’t in touch with anyone, or anything, and didn’t have a true emotional base. But if you love, you open up a whole realm of new feeling. You become more sensitive – to everything around you, not just the good, but also the bad.

So yes, it can hurt, because as a more feeling individual, you can now truly feel the hurt.

But the pain of this love isn’t love killing you slowly.

This ache is love bringing you to life. Bringing me to life.

God’s love will wash away sin, but for myself, there was a moment of great… pain, and heartache. As I saw all my sin. Saw God’s love for me, and understood the sacrifice of Christ, my amazing and loving Lord and Savior. It overwhelmed me. And it hurt.

Yet it was by love, God’s love, that I was set free, and brought to life in Christ.

In a little way, love between people kind of does that, too, I think.

So that’s my two cents for now.

Love kills not, slowly or otherwise, but brings an awakening. A birth of new feeling.


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