Almost a year … Oops.

It has been almost a year since my last blog post! Wow! That’s a long time. And far longer than I intended when I sat down to write a post, and decided I could do it a few days later instead of right then. Heh. Procrastination. Yup. Gets me every time.

Well, a lot has happened since that last post.

I have a daughter!

Little Abigail Rose is two months old now, and so beautiful. Being a dad is just so special, and there are hardly words to describe the feeling that do it justice. We’ll just say I love my little girl, and leave it at that.

I have been working on several writing projects, developing them, and a few are ready for actual launch into writing. So Hopefully I will start to make progress there and have sneak peeks to share soon! (That’s the plan anyway)

So, I know many of you have followed my blog for a long time, so you know my blog style… Sorta.

Is there a particular topic you would like to see me blog about? Writing, gaming, music? A specific subject within those?

Help me out folks! It’s been a long time, and while I have a few ideas, I am always open to outside sources for those, too.

So anyway. I hope to get this blog back up and running with regular posts and stuff.

Peace out, guys. Keep your eyes up. 😉



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