About Me

Well. What can I say about myself? Probably far too much, and I would bore you immensely, I know. But there are a few things I would share about myself, so you can get to know me a little bit.

First. I am a Christian. And I will never apologize for that. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and my relationship with Him, is the most important thing to me in my entire life. I am the youngest son of a preacher, and through the continual prayers of my family, I came to Christ at the age of fifteen.

I have had a love for literature since learning to read, and have read many, many, books, so many in fact, that I have long since lost count of the books, and have, sadly, forgotten many of the wonderful titles and authors. But, though forgotten, I still love each and every tale. Whether the story was fiction, or the journal or biography of someone in history, I loved it. My favorite book to read is the Bible, and I take great joy in reading it every day.

Shortly after being saved at the age of fifteen, I was introduced to the One Year Adventure Novel program, which was written by Award winning author, Daniel Schwabauer. I had thought for years I would like to try to write a book, and I was a huge fan of Mr. Schwabauer’s books, Runt the Brave, and Runt the Hunted, so I was very excited at the prospect of learning from him through the DVDs and textbooks. Through this program God fanned the spark that already burned within me, and I went from liking to think up stories, to loving to write, and to write for God. His call on my life is something I don’t doubt, and though sometimes I am unsure of where He is leading, I do know that He has equipped me for what He wants me to do. And one of those things is to write.

I am also a writer of songs, and I write both lyrics and music. I play the guitar and piano as well, and occasionally dabble in poetry. Music is another passion of my life, and I enjoy doing concerts and benefits for organizations such as Pregnancy Care Centers.

Also, I am an Independent Distributer of Young Living Essential Oils. If you are ever interested in learning about the oils, please feel free to contact me.

Last, and most certainly not least, I am married to my best friend, Laura.

In my blogroll are several great blogs, and all the bloggers are dear friends of mine. A few worth special mention are:

A World of Scribblings – the blog of my best friend, and wife, Laura Beals. She is also a writer, and a very gifted one. Her love of God shows through in her work, and it is very inspiring. I hope to be as good as her someday. 🙂

Luke Alistar – The blog of another writer friend of mine. He is very good, and is fun to read. I encourage you to check him out!

Through Thorns – a friend of mine who is both artist and writer, and has a great passion for the Lord. A blog worth looking into, I assure you.

I hope you will check all of the others out, because they are all great. Maybe even follow them all! Oh… and follow me, too! 😉

God bless you!
Daniel Beals
knightofelyon (at) gmail (dot) com


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