Meris – 3


Roth dropped down from the house’s roof.
His friend spun. “That is SO not fair, and you know it!”
“You can’t use your Watcher in our games!”
“How do you know I did call Ahren to help me, and if I did, why does it matter?”
Tagg hurampned. “Well he can sorta fly, Roth.”
“Well that means you can just ‘drop’ down on me whenever you want and take the whole challenge out of playing assassins!”


Meris – 2

Chapter One –

The lone scout looked across the windblown plain, eyes strained as she searched.
She sighed in relief after a moment. It seemed that her partner hadn’t seen anything after all.
She stood and turned away, a small smile lighting up her features.
But then the horn sounded.
It echoed across the plain, and she spun around. There, at the limit of her vision, a dark mass moved slowly.
She swallowed, and wiped away a tear of fear.
Amara was finally invading Meris.

Meris – 1

I remember when I was a young boy, that a shadow dragon came down from the Gatharon Highlands.
Everyday, he would swoop down on Lunat, and all any of us could do was watch.
There were soldiers, and guards, but they couldn’t do anything against this foe.
Then, one day, a lone stranger stood on a hill just outside the city gates, waiting for the dragon to come.
When the sun reached its zenith, the dragon came.
My mother wouldn’t let me watch, but I know that the battle was fierce, and to this day I don’t know if either of the two survived.
But I do know that the dragon never came back to attack us again, and that the strange man was a Keeper, a guardian of Meris.
I wish to be a Keeper, like him, and like my father before me, and guard this beautiful land that so many wish to enslave.

~ Roth Valarin