TSM update

Okay, quick update on TSM. I’m planning on getting back to writing on it this fall.. hopefully I’ll be able to do weekly or every other week parts, which will hopefully be of decent lengths, versus the snippets I was doing before.

I’ve been developing the world quite a bit, and have named it. The world in which TSM takes place is called “Ashanara”. Its turning into a very interesting place. I foresee more than just this story taking place. As a matter of fact, I might as well tell you all this, if TSM turns out well, there might be two more books to follow in the world of Ashanara, though the present cast of characters will not be in it, though in a round about way they would play a role in the story.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Thought I’d let you all know that I’m still working on it! Don’t give up on me yet. πŸ˜‰



The Seventh Master – 38

Kasheyra stared at him. This had happened, or something like it, back when they had first met. Then, Val had created the wall that protected everyone from the strange wave of fire.
Val’s hand closed into a fist, and he turned, standing, moving his arms in an intricate pattern. Slowly at first, the ground around him, and then the whole cavern, smoothed. Melethgorod started rebuilding itself. Or… Val was rebuilding it. Kasheyra could just stare, wide eyed as it happened.

Okay, so… I’m going to post this snippet, so everyone knows what is happening. πŸ˜›
I’m very busy at the moment with school and things, and I haven’t had much time for writing. I’ll try to pick back up on blogging (actual blogging) and TSM soon, though! πŸ™‚ Promise!

God bless!

The Seventh Master – 37

Another rumble came, louder, and longer, shaking the earth. The dwarves stopped, and stared at each other, mouths open in slight surprise and shock.
With a loud snapping, grinding, and crashing sound, the earth itself seemed to heave and shift, trying to throw them all off.
“Earthquake!” The dwarves shouted, panicked.
“No,” Val whispered. “Not a quake.” He dropped to his knees so he wouldn’t fall over.
Jerun and grabbed Kasheyra, and they had managed to make it back to the tunnel entrance, and leaned against the wall to stay standing.
Kasheyra saw Val still out away from anything. “Why isn’t he coming?” She asked Jerun. He shook his head. “Val! Come here!” She shouted.
But he didn’t hear her.
The city of Melethgorod began breaking, stone pillars snapping under the strain and shifting. Val rose to his feet, somehow managing to keep his balance.
Kasheyra watched him, hoping he was going to turn and dash back to the comparative safety of the tunnel. But he didn’t. His eyes closed, and then, suddenly, everything stopped. The quaking, the dwarves tossed up into the air, everything. Even the water of the underground river.
Kasheyra looked back at Val after she had taken in the scene before her that had so suddenly gone from calm, to chaotic, and now… chaotic calm. His eyes were open. They glowed golden.

The Seventh Master – 36

The dwarves moved quickly down the tunnel towards their city, eager to be home, and show off their capture. Val ignored the rumblings deep within the earth, and simply walked on.
The tunnel began to widen around, and rise above, them, opening up to the great underground land that held the city of the dwarves; Melethgorod. Subterranean rivers flowed out from the cavern walls and weaved across the plain. Stalagmites rose up from the ground, grouped together like stone forests, some forming massive pillars all the way to the roof of the underground plain, having merged with the stalactites above.
The dwarves gave a gruff shout as they spotted the rising towers of the city.
Odd, Val thought, that an underground city should have walls and towers…
The dwarves picked up the pace yet again, and Val almost laughed at the site of them practically running. It almost looked like they were rolling.
A low rumbled sounded, then faded, and only Val noticed it. His eyes narrowed. No… not now…

The Seventh Master- 35

“Are you all right?” Jerun asked behind him. The dwarves were ignoring them completely.
Val nodded. “Yes, I think so.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, really.” Val almost winced as he told his guardian the lie. But Jerun didn’t need to know. Actually, he shouldn’t know, because if he did he would try to escape, and the dwarves would kill him, or worse, try to kill all of them.
That, to say the least, wouldn’t work out very well. At all. Val shook his head and kept walking. The sheer barrenness of this underground world was disturbing. He had read how the land of the dwarves had once been a underland garden of unparalleled beauty and splendor. That was before Rutar, many many years ago. He knew it had changed. He had hoped it wouldn’t have been so… dead, though.
Val sighed. He had read the journals of all but the Third Master. Each one had been stunned by the devastation caused by the Dark One of their time. But he knew that this was worse. Rutar was the Dark One…

The Seventh Master – 34

Kasheyra blinked. :Unsettling?:
:It’s hard to explain…:
One of the dwarves shoved Kasheyra. “Hurry it up.” He growled. She stumbled, tripping, and almost falling. A hand grabbed her wrist, and she jerked to a stop, almost touching the ground.
Kasheyra looked up, and Val was leaning back, his hand squeezing tightly around her own. The dwarf that had shoved her looked at him in surprise. “Where did you come from?” The short man grumbled.
Val glanced at the dwarf, but didn’t answer. He pulled Kasheyra back up on to her feet.
:Thank you,: she said quietly.
:You’re welcome,: he half smiled. He nodded towards the tunnel. “Come on.”
Val took a deep breath, then stepped under the arch. To him, it was like plunging into cold water. The world’s weave was so barren, so torn, so… cold and unwelcoming. He closed his eyes and put a hand to his temple as a wave of pain washed over him for a moment. The volcano was coming alive sooner than he had thought. He hoped they would get there in time.

The Seventh Master – 33

Beautifully spiraling towers rose on either side of the gates, but for all their grace, they were still deadly, and appeared as such. Val could see stocky dwarven guards peering through the parapet, crossbows ready, watching them approach in complete silence, except for their own footsteps.
“Quite sturdy.” He murmured to himself. It would take a lot to bring them down. He shook his head. He wasn’t going to try. He could bring them down, but he would be tired. And he was going to be trying to help these dwarves, whether they wanted it or not, so tearing down their first line of defense wasn’t really a helpful thing to do.
Geofren shouted gruffly at the guards in the dwarven tongue. The guards waved, and the gates of the tunnel slowly swung inward.
Val had his senses stretched out almost to their limit, and as the gates opened, his mind raced down the tunnel. His eyebrows shot up as he sensed the sheer size of the dwarven city, and the complex networks of tunnels and mines around it. Truly amazing. A feeling of unrest and nervousness crept into the fabric of the earth around him. His attention jerked back to his immediate area. He looked at Kasheyra. Her face was pale.
:Hey, relax. Nothings going to happen.:
:Are you sure?: Her eyes darted over at him, then back to the tunnel mouth.
He bit his lip. No, he wasn’t. Val sighed. Might as well just admit it. :No, I’m not sure. But I need you calm and relaxed.:
:Kasheyra, you’re a Dreamdancer. You affect the world around you almost as much as I do. But you are like a bright shining starburst to me; I can sense your mood, you worries.: He paused. :Its unsettling to be honest.: