Hello, I am back, and also……. Realism 101

HELLO PEOPLES. I am married now, and working my job, and my best friend is there all the time. It is so wonderful, and YEAH. So now time to get back active here on my blog, too! 😀

Cause I KNOW you all missed me posting and what not. 😉

My first few post back are going to be addressing an issue in the story world, character development, and some of the writing I have seen recently.

Realism. REALITY. The Big R. … and yeah. That isn’t Big Red. 😉 Real. Being real.

You need to be real in writing. Deus Ex Machinas can’t be something as common as grass. Your Hero can’t go through battles of epic proportion, and come out shiny and bright without any blood and grime to mar his “hero clothes”. Your Hero can’t have a perfect life. Be happy with every single member of their family, or all their friends, ALL the time. The list here goes on and on and on. Why should you NOT do them? Because they  aren’t REAL. Being realistic adds so much depth to your story, and makes it more believable on many more levels. But we are just starting on the basics here. One reason at a time.

Reason 1? The Theme (and therefore, also the Ideal) of your story. If your story world does not have realistic consequences, realistic struggles, realistic people, then readers, even if they don’t realize they are doing it, will be less inclined to receive whatever message you are trying to tell or teach them.

This might end up being a short list. It might end up being a really long list. And I am not even done with Reason Numero Uno yet, so bear with me, people.



Two and a half weeks

Two and a half weeks

And that isn’t very long at all. The wedding is THIS month! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. It seems like only a few days ago I was nervously preparing myself to talk with Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins and ask their permission to court Laura. And then asking permission to propose. And now. The wedding is almost here. Wow.

Also. I thought these spoons where cool. 😛