THE BLACK SPOT, or Bad Potatoes That Must Be Vigilantly Guarded Against

During the long journey of creating soup, you have many choices. And we carefully select all our ingredients. But there are, I think, a few things worthy of mention before I wrap all this up.

Sometimes while preparing the ingredients you notice that soft spot. Or black spot. Or smell that is just… off. I’ve watched people ignore those and just toss them in.


Sometimes these things aren’t really ‘bad’ though. They are personal preference. But what I’m talking about it something that, while doesn’t bother some people, it greatly bothers and upsets other people.

I won’t list any story titles here, because I don’t really wish to get into an argument. But there are stories out there that are well written, have interesting plots. But they have some element to them that just make them unpleasant, even offensive (for some). Perhaps a setting, or the world and way in which the story is told. Or a combination thereof. Really, there are many ways this can happen. Even elements of the story itself.

Controversy is part, I believe, of making our story soup; picking a subject nobody else wants to touch. But here is the deal — the SUBJECT. The way you approach that subject needs to be in a way that nobody, from either side of the issue, will have debate with. Even if they have a problem with some aspect, don’t give them ammunition with which to shoot down your entire story, because I’m sure you’ve got some really great stuff in your soup, and those critics will taste your soup, and that one little piece of potato will upset them so much, and they will take away a very large audience away from you because of that.

Of course, this also applies to not just you as the chef of the soup, but also as someone tasting other soups. There are certain soups, well, my friends, you just don’t need to try them out. Before you know it, they can have you in love with them, and at that point, your comrades will be in a hard spot, because you love this story, and they, well, they have issue with it.

Do you want to do that?

I simply wish to say that it is perhaps wise to check on all aspects of a scenario before plunging in to it.

Of course, I would agree with you developing your own opinion. But do you need to partake to do so?

I remain vague upon this subject because in my opinion this is one that controversy and arguments amongst ourselves would not be of benefit, and I simply wish to make a point for consideration.

So I hope you will at least ponder all the possible meanings to this piece of potato in the soup.

Some won’t mind. Some will walk away and never try any soup you ever make because of it.