Good morning – 1/14/2011

Good morning folks! (yeahh… by the time I finish writing this post it may be afternoon, haha.)

I talked to a friend at new year’s about doing at least one blog post a week, but, I haven’t gotten started yet!!! I am soooo ashamed.. =/
But, I am determined to correct this! I don’t think I will attempt to ‘catch up’, but I can sure get some posts up, right? I want more traffic on here! And commmmmeeeennntttsssss!!! HAHA! 😀

Quick update on me myself and I from the past year is in due order, I suppose.

I learned to play the guitar last year; I picked it up at the beginning of February. Around the same time I started writing songs (lyrical, with music), of which I have now written around 15. I’ve never actually counted. haha.
I’ve also progressed a LOT art wise. I’m a much better artist than I was last year. Not saying I’m good, because I’m not, but I am better. (Due to being better, and desirous of practice, I do take commissions, peoples. 😛 )

I finished Blademaster this past year, as well as finished the outline and started the writing of Dimitri. I also outlined an untitled book which I’m doing in a One Year Adventure Novel co-op class. And, the last thing lit wise I did in ’10 was finish outlining Dawn of Darkness, the sequel to Night of Shadows. (for those of you interested, I plan on writing that this year, and, there will also be a third book titled “Dark Rain”, and at this point will be the final volume about the ninja of the Raiden.)

This past year, due to my mother, my family has gotten into Essential Oils. Officially amazing. Love them. Total epicness. If you’d like to know about them, comment, or email me, or.. something. haha.

Last night, at about 12:15 AM, I finished my Advanced Reader’s copy of Immanuel’s Veins, by Ted Dekker. It’s taken me a very long time to read it because of how busy life is, but, let me assure you, that book was worth reading. It is an adult level read, not in actual writing, but in content. The statement that is made about it by Mr. Dekker I find to be very true, that, “this story is for everyone, but not everyone is for this story.”

In the past year I also got to, music wise, write music for the two poems, each written by a different friend. That was really awesome, as it is something I really enjoy, and both poems were good. 🙂

Well, I guess that just about wraps it up.

In farewell, remember — any art commissions, just send me an email, and, also, if you have a poem or some such thing, I will gladly write you a melody and lead sheet. 🙂

God bless,