Life is busy. Yet, life remains awesome. :)

Yep. Totally busy.

Today, Sunday, we had a regular morning service, then we had a funeral this afternoon, which I ran the sound for, and then this evening we had a church singing.

The last event was a lot of fun. I led the music, and sang two specials. I did “When I Fall”, a song written by your’s truly, and “In Christ Alone”, which is an all time favorite of mine. I accompanied myself on the guitar for both songs.

On Saturday evening, as it was quite warm that day, I decided to go for a run. It was very pleasant.

I discovered something interesting as I went through the park: YOU CAN’T REALLY DO CHIN UPS WHILE TALKING ON THE PHONE! …. yep. doesn’t really work. It’s sad. The phone will slip off your shoulder, down by your neck, then slide off and slam shut on the ground. Mhm. Very lame. So.. I guess I won’t try that again. 😛

In my Bible reading I just read about the the Gibeonites (I’m in Joshua, for those of you who are interested). It always amazes me who the children of Israel just took them at their word that they were from far away and made a pact with them without even praying about it.

It is a lesson we should learn from them well; in any aspect of life, large or small, and things that we don’t believe will have any impact at all, we need to pray about it, and ask God for leading.

Okay. Got two things for ya —

The first is an excerpt from the novel (more likely it will be a novella, actually) for the OYAN co-op class I am doing with my homeschool group.


I never dream. Any dream. I don’t have illusions in the night, and I don’t waste my time thinking about what might be in the future.

My grandmother says that you should always plan ahead, but my grandfather has always told me that it is the here and the now that matters. Today you could help someone. Tomorrow it will be too late for anything.

I don’t know if I’m ready for the now, but I feel that I will never be ready for the future.

The next is the synopsis for a movie script idea I had —


Gage Ross is a young man in college. Extremely intelligent. And a hardened atheist.

Sean O’Donnel is a firm Christian, also in college. And a marathon runner.

And they are best friends.

The next marathon, the Wilderness run, a 26 mile and 385 yard trek through the middle of nature, far from civilization, is very important to Sean; his sister’s son has cancer, and the winnings of the marathon would save his, and other children’s lives, at the orphanage for children with cancer.

But when Sean is hurt in a car accident, it seems that his prayer to save the children will be lost until he asks Gage to run for him. And Gage says yes. But Gage isn’t a runner.

That’s it for now. 🙂

God bless!